Texts from John

These are a premium selection of texts from John graciously given to us by our guardian angel Miah the Drum Major. Bless you, Miah.

“*intense saxophone battle*”

“I wanna be like Kanye”

“I have 0 regrets”

“W8 I found a good quality spicy meme”

“Passive aggressive sea lion”

“rip my small legs”

“Dank memes”

“I wanna be that sociopathic”

“I feel like the friends I’m most grateful for I don’t show how grateful I am and- Jesus F Christ keep the memes in your pants for five seconds I’m getting EMOTIONAL HERE”

“Can you sneak into my window like on 16 candles and reenact the scene where her crush brings her a birthday cake and he’s like so what do you wish for “I already got what I wanted” and instead of kissing we just throw memes at each other ”

“Gets down on one knee and slides a printed meme with a hole in it over your finger”


“I’m an 18 year old who plays with anime dolls”


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